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TCKs mythbusted

So maybe you are a third culture kid. Maybe you’re friends with one – or several (lucky you 😉 ). Maybe you just want to know a little bit more about them. Whatever the case, here are a few facts which will help you along your path to enlightenment.

1) We don’t live in mud huts or in trees. Not for long anyway. It’s Mowgli you’re thinking of.

(we don’t befriend and talk to man-eaters either)

2) We’ve almost definitely never seen, let alone hunted, lions, tigers, rhinos etc in the wild. If we had we’d be dead. We find food the same way everyone else does – by opening the fridge.

3) We don’t speak “African” – there is no such language. Further breaking news reveals Africa is not a country.

The “country” of Africa. I have nothing more to say.

4) We have absolutely no idea how to truthfully answer the question “Where are you from?” There are several way we could answer it and most of the time we just choose the most convenient one. For example if a British person were to notice my accent, simply to avoid a conversation about where I’m from I would say America. I’ve never been to America in my life, but to British people, my accent is American. The same would work the other way around and I would tell an American that I’m from England.

Yes, now that I say it it doesn’t make much sense to me either.

5) Toilets and televisions are both quite common in Africa. Instead, things we may not have had include good cable tv, western food and 24/7 electricity.

Yes, we don’t even have your friendly, local one way to obesity stop.

6) Not all African children look like this.

(that isn’t me playing down starvation though – it’s still a serious problem. I’m just pointing out that there are starving kids in Europe and the US as well)

7) Please don’t ask us whether it feels good to be “home”. We don’t know. We’re probably quite happy to be here… but we’d be happy to be anywhere else as well. Then there’s the word home, which is another thing TCKs (third culture kids) aren’t always confident about. Ask us what music we like instead. That one’s easy.